Medical Delivery Services by ECS

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When it comes to medical delivery service, our clients demand a higher standard of service and we deliver to their needs. With direct door to door service, your medical delivery will arrive without any hassles or delays. Your delivery is our priority with each and every package we deliver.


We Handle: Prescription Medicine, Specimen Transport, Medical Report, Medical Equipment, Medical X-Ray, Transcript, Surgical Supplies and much more.


Prescription Medicine: For medical patients in need of routine delivery of prescription medicine. Get prompt service wihtout all the hassles and hidden fees.

Specimen Transport: Specimen transport and delivery service for direct and routes. We are your expert medical delivery company for all your urgent and route services. Time saving and efficient medical delivery of specimen for quicker results begin with ECS.

Medical Report: With medical delivery service for inter-office and beyond, we are here to support all your medical report delivery needs.

Medical Equipment: We provide quick and efficient medical equipment delivery services. For all your surgical supply and laboratory needs.


Service Locations:

California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Chicago, New Jersey